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Welcome to, a publishing division of Leads On Time. Leads On Time is an online media publishing and marketing company that provides the latest trend, information, and resource across a variety of topics, niche, and industry to consumers and businesses alike. We currently operate 300+ targeted web sites that focus on health, beauty, finance, consumer products, sports, hobbies, business, gadgets, and more.


This allows us to generate leads, within numerous verticals, which are retained and analyzed. Aggregated data across 300+ lead submission sites include behavioral metrics and consumer profiles. These profiles include a combination of data such as: name, gender, location, occupation, web preference, industry, income, hobbies, education, and interests.


With access to a network of trusted and known advertisers in numerous verticals, our system allows us to match advertisers with select consumer profiles. Our vast targeted database of engaged consumers, along with our proprietary email distribution network, provides our advertising partners traffic with value and quality.


The same quality and precision are applied to other online strategies we utilize such as: search targeting and display media.


Our targeted consumer marketing and profiled promotion connects select consumers to the latest trends or options available from trusted partners and affiliates. Our team works with our ad serving clients to ensure we provide the most relevant and correct information to our subscribers.  Our dedication to providing premium quality informational resources and lead services gives us an unprecedented edge and unrivaled excellence.



Our Mission:


"Deliver service with the best value for the consumer and advertiser."

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Submitting personal information constitutes a request to generate a mortgage quote and authorize QueConnect to send your loan request to multiple qualified lenders and brokers, who will be calling you with no obligation mortgage quotes. The information will be used and disclosed to effect only such transaction. Personal information is not disclosed to others for purposes other than mortgage quotes. All rates and prices are subject to change without notice based on market conditions. Rates are also based depending in part on your unique credit history and transaction characteristics. Not all products and services are available in all geographic locations. Acceptance is based on eligibility requirements and subject to final determination.

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